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Intense storms may diminish protective ozone in Central US. — The Daily Climate

More frequent, powerful storms in the Great Plains are penetrating deep into the atmosphere, risking ozone loss and increased dangerous UV radiation, scientists warn.

With the increase in storms attributed to climate change, the Central US could see an increase in harmful UV rays bombarding the earth's surface. The potential for crop damage and increase for cancer is the result of some latest research coming from Harvard and UC San Diego.

With the increase in storms attributed to climate change, the Central US could see an increase in harmful UV rays bombarding the earth's surface. The potential for crop damage and increase for cancer is the result of some latest research coming from Harvard and UC San Diego.

Sorry... We should have saved up an gotten some real models to showcase our new Thinksport Sports Cap. Instead we used our founder and his nephew. So we'll promise to get you something more appealing soon to properly check out our latest in sun protection. Tell the world. We're not a sunscreen company. We're not a sports bottle company. We are a safer products company. On Sale through June Only $13.99

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When Eastern and Western science meet, it can be a good thing. Drynaria Rhizome is a traditional plant medicine used to treat Alzheimer's disease. Japanese researchers were able to isolate compounds in the plant that bind to neurons helping them grow and reduce memory loss. In addition, the scientists believe that the isolated compounds can be turned into drug therapeutics for spinal cord injury to depression. Everything boils down to science. The world can benefit from taking steps to understand remedies that have been passed down from generations, but it also can be effective at debunking misleading claims. This is also true for claims being made in Western cultures and more specifically being made by the cosmetics industry.

Sky Ocean Rescue

Another whale has been killed by our plastic - it's time to make sure it never happens again #OceanRescue

We love whales. We love the ocean. We are focused on making the world safer. Please join us in recycling as much as you can. Bring your own bags to shop in. Don't put each vegetable you purchase into a separate bag. Don't buy products that have plastic packaging or clear plastic windows. Don't buy bottled watter. And when you do buy plastic items, please recycle them. All of the plastics we use can be recycled. #savetheworld #savethewhales #BPAfree #recycle #sustainability

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"I received a Thinkster straw bottle in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own. As a Mom of three, finding a good cup that doesn’t spill, is easy to get clean and kid friendly to use, has taken several fails before getting it right. I do my best to try to find products that are safe from harmful chemicals that can have negative consequences on the health of my child while standing up to my toddler. The well-designed Thinkster from Thinkbaby has solved all of the above issues for me and my child." Thank you Saving You Dinero By Janell Poulette! Full review:

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Sun safety is certainly a priority. But as every parent knows getting kids to wear sunscreen can often be a challenge. So the team at Thinkbaby put on our Thinking caps and we’ve created a fun little video by kids for kids. Watch as our littlest Thinkers explain the importance of wearing a non-toxic, safe sunscreen every day.

Great video to share with your kids on why it's important to wear sunscreen! The quick video also helps parents better understand things to look for in choosing your safe sun care solution. No aerosols / No UV Chemical absorbers / No ingredients that you can't pronounce.

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The Straight Goop On Sunscreen

This article is brought to you by Kevin Brodwick With summer upon us, even if it doesn’t quite seem like it, folks need to start thinking about sunscreen. Okay, let’s dispel that concept first. UVA…

Thank you Adore Them for featuring our article on "The Straight Goop on Sunscreen," written by our CEO & Founder, Kevin Brodwick.

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