Paul Terranova

Ultra Runner / Triathlete

"I'm so thankful that Thinksport is a pioneer in creating and pushing the envelope of safe, functional, and sustainable products for athletes, children, and ultimately for all humankind. The Thinksport 25oz insulated sport bottle LIVES in my vehicle and keeps drinking water cold even on the hottest Texas summer day, and we have LOTS of those. Thinksport Livestrong sunscreen keeps me sunburn-free all throughout the year from the trails of California, Colorado, Utah, and Texas to the asphalt pavement of the Queen "K" Kaahumanu Highway in Kona, Hawaii. I don't go anywhere without it. The world today is complicated enough, it's utterly refreshing to be affiliated with a company that keeps it simple with respect to chemical-free products that remain that way throughout their entire lifecycle!"